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Return and Exchange Policy 

Welcome to First Connect LLC!

FIRST CONNECT LLC (p) is a service-oriented business and due to nature of our business, we do not offer any refunds or money back for any of our services once order confirmation received. 

Our effort is to try and offer you the best possible service in a timely manner and to your satisfaction. We strive to reach your goals as our clients and satisfy you in a straightforward and cost-effective way. 

FIRST CONNECT LLC (p) Ltd. does not guarantee a full refund for the cancellation of its services. If you change your mind after paying for a certain service, FIRST CONNECT LLC (p) will act only on the policy here within.


FIRST CONNECT LLC (p). will refund or cancel any services according to the following guidelines: 

a) FIRST COONECT LLC (p) Ltd. will refund you in full if an order has not started within 15 days of making payment. 

b) In the event that incorrect information was provided by you, (wrong size, color, address, and/or shoe) FIRST CONNECT LLC (p) will not refund partial amounts or full amounts in the case that an order is processing and/or complete. 

c) If you purchase an item and we feel that we can't fulfill the order for you at that moment or for any reason at all, FIRST CONNECT LLC (p) will issue you a 100% refund within a maximum of 7 working days. 

d) FIRST CONNECT LLC (p) does not offer any refunds for services already delivered 

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